Metallic constructions for architecture and engineering

Sustainable solutions and systems

Green Building Coucil Italia

The IAMEC constructing sustainable buildings using integrated systems and solutions, both from the point of view of environmental impact and of the comfort of those living and working inside them. These buildings have considerable architectural value and are made to serve human needs, with low levels of energy consumption and advanced but accessible technology. They are composed of comfortable spaces which stimulate creativity and facilitate the social interaction of their occupants, ensuring their health and wellbeing.

Steel structures

Metallic carpentry, solid core or trussed load bearing structures, mixed steel-pre stressed concrete structures, Hi-Bond-type floor slabs, bridges, walkways

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Continuous facades

Curtain walls, cellular/double-skin/spider-type glass walls, doors/windows and frames in aluminium, overhead coverings and structures in glass.

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Architectural covering

Ventilated façades in single-layer aluminium panels and Alucobond-type composites, steel, zinc-titanium, copper, or Eternit-type fibre cement.

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Covering and facings

coverings and walls insulated using “dry” layering, with external architectonic effects and corrugated sheets or modular sandwich insulating panels

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Prefabricated components

Stairs and railings in steel, glass, suspended ceilings, entranceways, walkways, tunnels, solar shading blades, and furnishings to measure.

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