Production and logistics department

Planning, precision and control are the key words for the production cycle of each component.
Our NC machines and robotic systems allow monitoring of execution times during work. Thorough control in every phase of each cycle guarantees correspondence of components with plans. ID markings for each component and logistical planning of loads and transport allow simplification and time-saving in the on-site handling and movements schedule.
Inside our manufacturing plant in Rovereto, with a floorspace of about 8000 m², we carry out preliminary work (cutting of plates and joining of subcomponents) and carpentry work (joints and bonding), we manufacture the “light” components in steel and aluminium sheets (from coil flattening to pantograph cutting, through to robotic folding) and we handcraft our prestigious architectural components. In our Villafranca plant (Safem), with its c. 2000 m² of floorspace, on the other hand, we carry out the entire cycle of manufacturing of continuous façades and steel and aluminium windows and doors, here again using  NC machinery and modern.