Architectural fašade coverings

ATTRACTIVE WALL SOLUTIONS in the form of ventilated façades, a blend of form and technology, visually “lightening” large-scale faces, which at the same time manage to act as a veritable “skin” for the building. They can be used to add value and renovate any existing covering even in the case of lower-grade building envelopes.
From the point of view of performance they act as an outer “skin” which is separated from the underlying masonry by a suitable anchoring substructure, creating a ventilated cavity where heat from the sun’s rays is dissipated and where an insulating layer can be fitted as cladding, thus meeting thermal, acoustic and fire protection needs.
A VARIETY of MATERIALS can be used, such as aluminium in sheets or Alucobond-type composites, steel, porcelain enamel steel, Reinzink, copper, fibre cement, re-composites, glass, etc. A VARIETY of formal solutions is also available for the individual elements making up the system such as trapezoidal or sinusoidal panels, extruded panels, “cassette” or flat panels, stretched panels and so on.
Proper design and accurate dimensions in the anchoring substructure are fundamental for obtaining evenly flat, vertical and horizontal effects in the seams and joins of the facing. The choice of finishing elements is also very important for executing the seams and connections, copings, sills, covering strips, cornices, door and window frames and so on.